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Step by Step Guide For | ij start canon

The simplest manner to installation a Canon printer is to be had on The website provides us with the latest Canon printer drivers and on-line manuals to your canon printers. You should follow all of the instructions on this page for a hassle-free experience.

Canon Printer Configuration

These are the Canon Printer Setup instructions if you are configuring it for the first time. Although the setup method for each Canon model is nearly identical, the download and installation process via may differ. Let’s begin with your Canon printer model setup.

  1. First, remove the box packaging or unbox the printer and take it out of the box.
  2. Now carefully remove all the tappings and plastics as the printer hardware comes in several packaging materials for safety concerns.
  3. Make sure the surface where the printer will be placed is clean. Plus, ensure to place it close to the pairing device (computer or laptop).
  4. Check the components that come inside the box of your inkjet printer. For example, set up a CD for Windows and Mac, a power cord, cartridges, and a handbook.
  5. Next, to start a Canon Printer Setup, connect one end of the power wire to the printer’s power cord in the back and the other end to the power switch.
  6. After that, power the printer and switch it on by pressing the ON button.
  7. Pull out the paper tray and cover it if you see a stable light.
  8. Slide the paper guide after installing the fine and ink cartridges.
  9. Insert clean and good, quality blank papers and double-check that everything is in order.
  10. Thus, the Canon printer setup is now complete. To continue, go to ij start canon and download the most recent printer software.

Guide to Download Canon Printer Drivers and Software

  • On your desktop or laptop, launch a browser
  • On your PC or laptop, open your usual browser by double-clicking it. You can utilize the default one or explore other options, such as Chrome, Edge, and Mozilla Firefox.

  • Visit
  • Type “” into the web address box and hit Enter. This will direct you to the website with the most recent Canon printer drivers and software to download for your operating system.

  • Click the “Set Up” option to continue
  • On this page, you will see four options for different types of information. Therefore, to discover the appropriate options on the following page, pick the “Set Up (Start Here)” tab.

  • Opt for the correct Canon inkjet printer model
  • That will direct you to the product page. On that page, a box will appear, prompting you to provide the model name. So, type your printer model name, TR150, and click Go. In addition, there is another way to locate your Canon model. Scroll down the page and select the Canon printer series to proceed with that.

  • Download Drivers from Canon Printers
  • Following that, the download page appears automatically. You must select the “Download” tab. Furthermore, if you see another prompt on the screen, choose “Save” or “Save As.” Your printer software, for example, would begin downloading right after.

  • Install the Software and Drivers you Downloaded
  • After downloading the Canon Printer Drivers, click “Run” to begin installing. Then, to complete the ij setup installation, follow the on-screen prompts.

What is the procedure to connect a Canon Printer to a Wi-Fi Network? (Using WPS Button Method)

  1. Switch on the printer if it is turned off.
  2. Have a look at the Wireless Fidelity router and make sure to turn it on if it is turned off.
  3. Next step is to proceed further by pushing the WPS button.
  4. In order to begin, go to “Start” and then select the Wi-Fi option button.
  5. Now wait for a few moments for wifi to catch signals and then you will notice the wifi network coming up on the screen.
  6. Next is to search for the symbol of WPS or the title WPS itself on the router. Long press on the hold button.
  7. Hit the “OK” button on your printer screen.
  8. After the network connection is initiated, a notification will pop up as soon as the printer hardware gets connected to the internet.
  9. Once the process is completed, you can commence with the installation process from the recommended website.

How to Connect your Canon Printer to a Windows Computer Using a USB Cable?

  1. Navigate to the website of to download and install canon driver files in the next step. Complete the installation process successfully by doing so.
  2. Now, try to connect the printer hardware and the Windows system via a USB cable wire manually.
  3. Open the “Run” window option on your device. Find the control panel. Otherwise, select “Start” and then find the “Control Panel” option on your device.
  4. Moving ahead, click the option “Devices and Printers.” Before moving ahead, confirm that the printer has a green checkmark.
  5. If you are unable to see your printer option, in that case, use the “Add a printer” option to add the hardware manually.
  6. Now wait until the hardware gets added to your device.
  7. In the end, your printer is not ready to use. Confirm it by printing a test job.    canon ij setup    https:/    ij start canon    ij sacn utility